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Could you sponsor a student at Kadzinuni starting in 2016?

The Friends of Kadzinuni has set up a scheme to provide financial support to those able students that on completion of Grade 8 at Kadzinuni then qualify for a Provincial or National Secondary School place. Secondary education in Kenya is only available to those who can afford to pay fees. Young people from Kadzinuni rarely have the resources to attend secondary school.

The standards at Kadzinuni are rising and we feel that it is appropriate to channel some of our resources at this project. We feel that there should be aspirational targets for Kadzinuni students. Each year only a small number of Kadzinuni students achieve secondary school entrance standards. The curriculum at secondary school is a 4 year course.

The scheme commenced during 2005 with the Friends having already supported 130 students. We have to accumulate at least one yearís school fees per student before we start so that we can guarantee support. (The school year starts in January).

We are currently seeking people to join during 2016 for students starting in January 2017 and beyond and expect that supporters will usually choose to make regular monthly gifts that for UK taxpayers can be subject to Gift Aid, increasing the value of the gift by at least 25%.

£12 per month (if Gift Aided, or £15 if not) for 48 months will fully cover the Secondary School fees for a Kadzinuni student.

The sponsored student will be required to agree to certain conditions such as:
  • At least one letter per term to the sponsor(s) explaining about life at school. 
  • Agreement to undertake one week per year voluntary work at Kadzinuni, as agreed with a member of the Kadzinuni Rotary Community Corps., local villagers and our partners in the project.
  • Agreement to undertake at least four weeks of voluntary work in Kadzinuni Primary School, mentoring Standard 8 students as they work towards their final exams.
  • Agreement from the studentís parents/carer to cultivate at least 10 tree seedlings per year that their child is supported, to be planted in Kadzinuni.
  • Ongoing support from year to year will be conditional on a good attendance record and a level of progress indicative of the student working hard. Exam results will be part of the criteria but not of overriding importance.

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Download the Sponsorship Form
Download the Sponsorship Form

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