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Together 4 Africa - a coalition of UK registered charities working with local grassroots organisations in East Africa and Zambia. Members have agreed to work together as 'a partnership of equals' for a common purpose.

Send My Friend To School - As you read this, there are 80 million children who miss out on school because of poverty. JOIN UP! is a campaign to make sure every child goes to school. Go direct to the Kadzinuni entry...

OurKeyworth - is the local Community News and Information pages website for Keyworth - the Nottinghamshire village our Founder Nic lives.

Make Poverty History

Bond - Networking for International Development

World Countries - Kenya

Christian Aid

Coastweek - news from the Mombasa coastal area

Malewa Trust - protectors of the Rothchild's Giraffes

Malewa Ranch - the place to stay in Malewa

HORIZON Solutions Site - a charitable volunteer institution based at Yale University.

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