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Friends of Kadzinuni Audio & Video Clips

In the top two clips here we can see Patrick and the Kadzinuni Biochar Team demonstrating how Biochar is made for visitors from The Hope Foundation in Dubai.

The project is now attracting interest from all around the world and our friends at Exeter University are doing a great job in helping Patrick and his new assistant Pauline create a new business that will benefit many at Kadzinuni.

Biochar Demonstration pt 1 -Feb 2020
Biochar Demonstration pt 1
Feb 2020

25s MP4 (3.65Mb)
Biochar Demonstration pt 2 - Feb 2020
Biochar Demonstration pt 2
Feb 2020

30s MP4 (5.14Mb)

Alex with School Bags - Feb 2009
Alex with School Bags - Feb 2009
1m 36s WMV (7.75Mb)

Firewalk for Kadzinuni, May 2007
Firewalk for Kadzinuni
1m 00s WMV (5.2Mb)

Nic visits Kadzinuni, July 2007
Kadzinuni visit - July 2007
1m 19s WMV (7.0Mb)

Celebrations, Kadzinuni, Feb 2007
2m 03s MPEG (10.5Mb)

Kadzinuni Joins Up, Feb 2007
Kadzinuni Joins Up
3m 01s WMV (18.2Mb)

A Friend Indeed, Kadzinuni, Feb 2005
A Friend Indeed
1m 23s MPEG (7.1Mb)

Nic's Kadzinuni Audio Diary, Feb 2006
Nic's Audio Diary 2006
3m 05s MP3 audio (1.4Mb)

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