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Jonnathan Ludovic at Kadzinuni This is Jonnathan Ludovic. He was born in 1972 at Mkongo village, not far from Kadzinuni. He joined class one at Kadzinuni Primary in 1980 and in 1987 sat for the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education.

However, he had to drop out of school in 1989 and again in 1991 due to lack of fees and poor health. Eventually, Jonnathan worked his way to a successful pass in the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education in 1993.

Jonnathan took on menial jobs to fund a two year course in Software Applications at college in Kilifi. It was during this time, when he learned there was a Library at the village, that he met Mary Canada the APC volunteer. In September 2009 they reached an agreement to keep the Library open for other users in the community. 

This is the ongoing story of that Library - Trevor's Library.

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Rev. Trevor Sisson

Rev. Trevor Sisson

The Library at Kadzinuni is dedicated to the late Rector of Keyworth, Rev. Trevor Sisson, one of the founding trustees of The Friends of Kadzinuni.

Trevor passed away in June 2005 aged 51 after a short illness. He was a brilliant Parish Priest and followed the work at Kadzinuni with great interest.

His wife Marie and boys Luke and Aiden graciously chose Kadzinuni to benefit from the significant donations made in his memory. Many books were purchased for Maktaba Ya Trevor... kiswahili for the Library of Trevor.
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